If your video content is stored in Ooyala then the below will explain all you need to do to produce a Suggestv ready feed from Ooyala backlot.

1. Under ‘Publish’ select the External Publishing tab.

2. Add a new Universal Feed.

3. In the Universal Feed setting view, as a Label in the Select Content section that filter/selects the content you want to syndicate.

4. In the Feed Template section, add the following template:

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xmlns:dcterms="" xmlns:fh="">
<title> </title>
<link> </link>
<description> </description>
{% for asset in assets %}
<guid isPermaLink="false">{{ asset.embed_code }}</guid>
<title>{{ | escape }}</title>
<description>{{asset.description | escape}}</description>
<link>{{ asset.streams[flash_enabled].url | escape }}</link>
<enclosure url="{{ asset.streams[flash_enabled].url }}" length="{{ asset.duration | divided_by:100 }}" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" ></enclosure>
<media:content url="{{ asset.streams[flash_enabled].url | escape }}" type="video/x--flv"
expression="sample" duration="{{ asset.duration | divided_by:100}}" bitrate="{{ asset.streams.video_bitrate }}" lang="eng" ></media:content>
<media:title type="plain">{{ | escape}}</media:title>
<media:description type="html">{{asset.description | escape}}</media:description>
<media:thumbnail url="{{ asset.preview_image.url }}" width="{{ asset.preview_image.width }}" height="{{ asset.preview_image.height }}" time="{{asset.duration | divided_by:100}}" ></media:thumbnail>
<media:category label="Entertainment/Celebrity News">Entertainment/Celebrity News</media:category>
<media:text>{{ asset.description | escape }}</media:text>
<media:keywords>{% for label in asset.labels %}{{}},{% endfor %}</media:keywords>
<media:activation>{{ asset.flight_start_time }}</media:activation>
<media:expiration>{{ asset.flight_end_time }}</media:expiration>
<pubDate>{% if asset.flight_start_time != null %}{{ asset.flight_start_time | date: "%a, %d %b %Y %T GMT" }}{% else %}{{ asset.created_at | date: "%a, %d %b %Y %T GMT"}}{% endif %}</pubDate>
</item>{% endfor %}
{% if {{next_page}} %}
{% endif %}

5. Click Save and Preview.

6. After a short time, depending on how much content is being returned, you will see a sample of the result from the template.

7. Once happy with the response, Copy the Feed URL and send it to

8. That's it!